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Cesspool Services

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Hassle-Free Drainage and Septic Services

When you need cesspool, sewage or drain services, think Affordable Cesspool Sewer & Drain, Inc. We're a full-service sewage company. We've got over 50 years of experience, so you know that you can trust us to get the job done right! We're even cave-in specialists!

You'll get direct service, because we cut out the middle man. We do everything, including fabricate our own materials. This ensures that you'll never have to wait for a part or product again, and that you've got access to the lowest possible price!

We fabricate all precasts right here and are the only manufacturers in Long Island who can get the job done without any subcontracting.

Comprehensive Service

•  Cesspool Pumping
•  Cesspool Aeration
•  Chemical Treatment
•  Cesspool Installations
•  Clogged Pipes
•  Pipe Repairs
•  Grease Maintenance
•  Camera Inspections
•  Cesspool Locating
•  Dry well and Cesspool restoration
•  Cesspool Inspections
•  Certifications
•  Sewer Jetting
•  Environmental Remediation
•  Board of Healthy Systems
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Neat clean and professional. Reasonable priceing and very knowledgeable. Would highly reccomend for service and repairs"

- Rich M.
Residential Pump Package
$50 OFF Full Service
Not including digging or location - Mon - Sun 8am-5pm (Per cesspool). Affordable Cesspool Sewer & Drain, Inc.
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