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Our Precast

Precast Material

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Precision-Made Precasts

Affordable Cesspool Sewer & Drain, Inc believes that you should get the best possible price. We also believe that you should get this without being forced to sacrifice the quality or efficiency of your cesspool needs. That's why we fabricate all precasts right here at our workshop!

Making our own precasts allows us to be the least expensive and most efficient service around. We're Long Island's only cesspool company that manufactures their own precast. In addition to manufacturing it, we'll install it. Our friendly competition purchases our precast too. We carry all sizes from 2' to 12' in diameter.

Our team will use their 50+ years of experience to make sure that all of your precasts are crafted with amazing precision. Because we're also fully licensed and insured, and we ensure that all of our specialists are trained, you'll get the peace of mind that you deserve!

Precasts Crafted for any Building

•  Grocery stores
•  Food service chains
•  School districts
•  Manufacturing facilities
•  Houses
•  Apartments
•  Condos
•  Mobile homes
•  Much more!
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 luckily affordable was the last phone call i made and they had mark the service tech to my house in about an hour. he didn't bang me over the head with any emergency fees what so ever."

-Dave R.

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