Drain Cleaning

Just like the arteries that keep the flow of blood to your heart need to be clean and clear of any “clogs”, so do your Drains. Drains that have been neglected for long periods of time will accumulate layers of grease, sludge, and debris.

Affordable is able to keep your drains running smoothly by cleaning them regularly with our Line Jetting Service. Our professional and experienced Technicians will perform this maintenance service in an environmentally sound manner. Our Line Jetting Service will send high pressured jets of water through your drains that will break down sludge, remove grease, and efficiently clean out the entire system; from the Sink to the Grease Trap to the City Sewer Line.

Food Establishments typically require Line Jetting on a frequent basis. We will evaluate your specific needs and recommend a Preventative Maintenance Plan for you whether it be monthly, quarterly or annually.


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