New Installations

Our Trained, Professional and Experienced Technicians Can Install and Service your Cesspool in the most “Affordable” and efficient way using State of the Art Equipment to keep your business (and your pipes) flowing.

If the time has come to either :

  1. Install a brand new Cesspool
  2. Convert from then ”block” Cesspool to a new PreCast Cesspool
  3. Convert your Cesspool to a Septic System

We don’t use sub-contractors, so your service will be faster and more reliable. To further expedite your installation, we fabricate our own materials. You’ll never have to wait for a part or product again! We’re the only company in Long Island that manufactures and fabricates cesspools. We even sell to our competitors!

Full-Service Septic System Installers

• Professional excavation
• Custom in-house fabrication
• Crane service available (hire-by-the-day)
• Septic tank emptying
• Repiping

AFFORDABLE has the equipment, and professional, trained technicians to get the job done right the first time.


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