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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2023-04-14T17:52:48+05:30
Registration Required2022-12-07T20:07:24+05:30

Property owners are required to register their I/A OWTS with their County’s Health Department at time of Final Approval from the Department. Registration is updated every 3 years and upon property transfer. There is no cost to register your I/A OWTS, but it is critical in order for SCDHS to ensure proper function of your I/A OWTS and provide homeowners with essential news or information regarding their I/A OWTS.

Pumping Costs:2022-12-07T20:04:54+05:30

Although these systems provide advanced treatment, they will still need to be occasionally pumped by a septage hauler. Depending on use of the system, it is estimated that the average system would need to be pumped out every 3-5 years. This increases the treatment and useful life of any sewage disposal system including I/A OWTS. A typical pump-out is estimated to cost $300 – $500.

Repair and Replacement Costs:2022-12-07T20:04:11+05:30

Homeowners should be aware that although I/A OWTS have a long track record of use in the USA, they do contain components such as pumps, floats, air compressors, and controls that may need to be replaced at some point during the useful life of the system. These component repair and replacement costs could range from $50 to $200.

Increased Annual Electrical Costs:2022-12-07T20:03:35+05:30

Depending on the treatment process and manufacturer’s system, the system either runs continuously or on-demand. Based on information provided by manufacturers, the systems that are provisionally approved have approximate annual electric costs ranging from $57 to $266 per year.

Annual Operation & Maintenance:2022-12-07T20:02:43+05:30

The first three years are covered as part of the manufacturer’s warranty. However, homeowners will need to sign yearly maintenance contracts and will be responsible for maintenance costs after the 3-year warranty expires. It is anticipated that O&M will cost approximately $300 a year.

Control Panels:2022-12-07T20:02:03+05:30

Control Panels are the brains of the I/A OWTS and usually mounted to the side of the dwelling. They should be protected from damage and easily accessible by operation and maintenance providers.

Covers to Grade:2022-12-07T20:01:08+05:30

Covers provide access to your septic system so that your service provider can inspect and maintain your septic system. Covers can be landscaped around but must remain fully accessible.

Upon approval – the installation2022-12-07T19:38:14+05:30
  • Coordinate with homeowner, designer, electrician, I/A OWTS distributor & any required inspectors
  • Schedule a date & time to do the installation
  • Install & start up your new I/A onsite wastewater treatment system!
  • Complete & submit all final documents in order to receive funding for grants /rebates.
Permits that may be needed (Non-reimbursable – Paid out of pocket)2022-12-07T19:37:33+05:30
  • Suffolk county board of health permit
  • Town/ Village electric permit
  • Town/ village septic permit
  • Town / village plumbing permit
  • NYS DEC permit
  • Town/Village Wetland Permit
Common things you may need for the design process:2022-12-07T19:36:52+05:30
  • An up-to-date property survey.
  • Soil boring
  • Soil percolation test
  • Utilities mark-out
  • Wetland boundaries staking / flagging
  • Well water analysis
  • Topographic survey or survey elevations
Common things needed for grant & rebate applications (varies by town or county)2022-12-07T19:34:49+05:30
  • Copy of Homeowner’s Insurance Policy
  • Copy of most recent property tax bill
  • Federal / State tax return(s)
  • Copy of Certificate of Occupancy or Zoning Compliance for the dwelling – available from the Town Clerk’s office
  • A W-9
  • If applicable: proof of sanitary system failure (photo, service receipts, etc.)
Free Consultation2022-12-07T19:34:04+05:30
  • We will determine your grant & rebate eligibility based on your property location, annual income and/or catastrophic failure or failing cesspool(s).
  • We will determine your I/A OWTS size based on the # of bedrooms within your home.
  • We will determine your design options like placement, set-backs, property disturbance, site restraints & access for the equipment. We plan & budget for the most efficient & cost-effective approach to allow little to no money out of pocket.
  • We will determine waste line depth (access to home is needed)
  • We will determine placement of the control panel & routing for electrial
  • We will help you choose a design professional with I/A OWTS designing experience to help move your project along quickly & efficiently.
  • We will help you apply & secure ALL grants/rebates that you may be eligible for.